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of hurricane katrina. this is a response and a relief effort that is woefully inadequate. we have people without gasoline. we have people without power. now it's almost a million and a half people. came down about a half million from the weekend. it is a very tough job. but let's be clear. we have an emergency situation here in this federal government is not responding. it is not doing what it should help. we are supposed to have gasoline supplies and hundreds of thousands of people -- they don't have power to run their generators. we are supposed to have gasoline for the people, the motorists, the commuters, those were trying to go about their work lives without heat and without power in their homes and their kids are not in any case to be in school. and we have a president who is not responding to the emergency. he is campaigning. i understand the conflict. but my goodness, part of what he is required to do and part of what this governor, chris christie should be thanking him for, is actually being effective. that hasn't happened at. megyn: lightning chris christie was so fawning? lou:
city. however if you go back seven years to hurricane katrina the news then about that storm was how president bush and fema and michael brown and everybody failed. you never heard about mayor nagan and governor belong could he. now the situation is reversed and it's bloomberg taking the blame for the storm and not doing better for it as opposed to president obama. if this were bush right now you'd be seeing a split screen of bush campaigning, and then people being miserable in their wrecked houses back home in queens. jon: what about that? we heard from david lee miller earlier today, a hispanic woman getting up there in years complaining how absolutely miserable it is where she's live. why should that not be president obama's fault as it was president bush's fault? >> katrina was a much larger national issue than with all due respect to queens. jon: why? >> because katrina was -- the magnitude of katrina in terms of what it represented nationally was not specific to a neighborhood in new york. overall the reaction to sandy has been -- jon: so the president is not -- i mean he's the
wildest imagination see the destruction. i mean, this is our katrina. you know, unfortunately, those poor people went through this x number of years ago, ten years ago. now it's our turn. and you don't know where to begin, where to start. i got good friends and family. everybody has been coming down trying to help me out, trying to do whatever we can to move ahead and it's confusing. it's mind boggling. it's uncertainty. it's my life. the restaurant was my 30 years of adult life. my home. i lost everything. >> can i ask you, you've been frustrated with what the insurance will and will not cover. you said you had hurricane coverage, but that will not take care of your damage. >> in 30 years of business here, i've never had one drop of water. and we have had many, many, manies storms. irene last year which pelted us with 13 inches of water. i never had a problem with water. okay. this wasn't a flood issue per say. this was a tsunami issue. how do you prepare for something like that? >> gregg: if you want to help the recovery efforts, it's easy to donate not red c for example. you can go on-
can go to the door and everything's gone. it is a drastic situation. and even though, unlike katrina, where you could see the flooding. part of it is you can see the devastation of the homes, but you can't tell, unless you are flying over at night that there is almost a half million people without power. >> that part of the country is so densely populated. we brought you on because we don't want to forget the folks out there and make sure the word keeps going on. peter king, thank you. we will touch base with you every day this week. >> thank you very much. >> peter king here. martha. >> martha: governor mitt romney and president obama in a final push through the battleground states. and the presidential race could come down to who wins ohio. live coverage from the buckeye state. >> and this gas shortage, making a bad situation even worse. these lines are not an exaggeration, they are everywhere special they stretch for miles. >> martha: find that this morning. >> drivers waiting for hours for a few gallons of gasoline to get move figure again. here's the governor of new york. >> the
and would like to have you back. >> spoken as a governor who handled katrina. >> jobs and the economy fell opt heels of the october jobs report. what do the candidates need to tell voters in the final hours before we go to the polls? try running four.ning a restaurant is hard, fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores. rewards we put right back into our business. this is the only thing we've ever wanted to do and ink helps us do it. make your mark with ink from chase. >>> iit the biggest issue of te election, putting americans back to work. on friday we received the latest national jobs report. the unemployment rate kicked up slightly to 7.9%. the economy added 171,000 jobs for context of just above what we need to do to keep up with population growth. 23 million americans remain un employed or underemployed and that is a sticky that stuck for a long time. if you lost your job today on average it would take you until next august to find one. maybe you find one sooner but maybe it takes you a lot longer. we w
damaging as what we are calling cold katrina up in new york. it feels unfortunate to look at tonight a political sense. but we know politics is part of life. the storm slowed up the romney campaign in a way by taking all the attention onto the president and going to the storm. and it sort of slowed up romney. but at the end of the day i think it's a wash for president obama. i don't think it does anything for him. then the situation in new york is turning grimmer. but, megyn, i think overall there has been a grimness and joylessness and profound negativity to the president's campaign. i don't think if it turns out he is the winner, i don't think it will help him govern. i think it will almost make it more difficult for him to work with republicans and gather anything together. you look at a picture of a romney rally and it looks happy. obama rally feels a little bit different. megyn: you said you suspect both romney and obama have a sense of what's coming and you think you can see it in the candidate's faces. in your experience is that true? >> you know, you sort of can tell in the b
abysmal. fema is as much a failure now as it was at the time of katrina. i do not understand why there is not enough water in new york. all you have to do to get water to new york is put it on an airplane and fly it to kennedy air pour. all you have to do to get more generators it put it on an airplane and fly it to kennedy airport. you will you make sure you have enough gasoline is have a plan to get gas to new york. obviously they didn't preplan for the water. they didn't preplan for the generators. they didn't preplan for the gasoline. the answer is they didn't preplan. what do we have fema for if not for preplanning. the president getting all the credit, the minute he got dread and -- credit and pat on the back. same situation as benghazi. he loses focus. goes back to campaigner in chief rather than commander-in-chief. bill: this was you on friday night. westchester, ohio, southwestern part of the state. i was at the rally when i heard you say the following about president obama. >> he told us he would resign if he did this poorly. do you remember that? do you remember that h
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)